If you haven’t heard of pink clay, then you’re missing out on one of the gentlest of clays that works for almost all skin types. There are variations of pink clay and one of them is known as French pink clay. French pink clay is known as very mild clay. It can also be used in a mask. Let’s take a look at the benefits of French pink clay. 

French Pink Clay Helps Maintain Sebum Production

The sebaceous glands produce an oily yellow substance called sebum. This sebum helps your body stay moisturised through your pores. These sebaceous glands are basically found all over your body, especially the face. The forehead and chin have a good amount of these sebaceous glands that produce this sebum. However, they can also be produced on the eyelids as well, which is why pimples and other breakouts can appear on the eyelid. When someone has normal sebum production, it’s healthy for your skin because it keeps your skin moisturised. It also helps keep your skin flexible and protects the skin against bacteria. There are a number of factors that affect sebum production such as genes, sex and age. Unfortunately, not many people have well-regulated sebum production. Fortunately, French pink clay can help normalise sebum production. Whether your skin is too dry from a lack of sebum or your skin is too oily from too much sebum, French pink clay can help you get back to normal sebum production. 



French Pink Clay Helps Clean Your Pores

Clogged pores can lead to serious pimples and other breakouts such as blackheads and whiteheads. There are a number of reasons pores get clogged. Trapped oils, makeups, environmental toxins and sweat can get into the pores and cause issues. Even dirt and dead skin cells can build up in a pore and clog it. Since pimples and other breakouts are caused by an inflammatory response, the anti-inflammatory effects of French pink clay can help clean out and reduce breakouts on the face. Think of it as a vacuum that helps suck out clogged pores, excess sebum, makeup and other issues that are clogging your pores. 

French Pink Clay Contains Copper

Since red clay is part of the mixture that creates pink clay, then there is copper found in French pink clay as well. Copper plays an important role in collagen production with your skin. Many think of copper as a powerful anti-aging ingredient. The collagen helps provide natural support for your skin. Unfortunately, as we age, collagen production slows down and when that happens you start to develop wrinkles as the skin loses its elasticity. Applying French pink clay helps with anti-aging, boosting skin’s elasticity and keeps the skin moisturized. 

French pink clay is used to help keep the skin cleansed. It helps remove dead skin cells that not only hang around on the face but gets into the pores as well. Using a French pink clay mask not only helps with beauty but has amazing skin health benefits as well.